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He Said It March 9, 2010

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Yup, he said it! Last night when my son, Baby A, woke up crying in his sleep, he said “Ma…ma” loud and clear. He cried while calling me and wanted to be held in my arms. He’s been allowed to fall asleep on our bed and later on I moved him to his crib, well for his safety. I guess his mind was still on Mama’s bed but couldn’t find Mama next to him. Poor baby…I might have to let him sleep all night next to mommy and daddy. (Hold that thought…nah, that’s not going to happen. Daddy must watch DVD before he sleeps and Mommy must read her book.)

Last Saturday, he turned nine months and boy, he’s growing so fast. I made him potato and broccoli puree for lunch which he loved for the first few bites then started crying soon after. Usually when he doesn’t like a certain food, he will push away the spoon. But this time he kept on opening his mouth but cried every time I put a spoonful in his mouth. After some frustration moment, then I decided to mix in his favorite cereal. Phew….he just stopped crying and finished the whole plate. He must be that hungry or simply can’t hurt mommy’s feeling for hating the food that I prepare from scratch. Of course, he got a big hug and kiss from mommy!

On the final note…this is my first blog post. A blog of my crafty hobbies, crafty inspirations, crafty hopes, and crafty dreams. Plus a bit of life and family whom I love so much. I’ve been a blog-hopper and a blog-stalker (you know, the kind where you check certain blogs for updates then also subscribe to the blog’s tweet to make sure you’ll be the first to know for new updates). Those blogs out there really inspire me (I’ll post another topic about the great blogs out there) and actually very resourceful. I hope my blog will be inspiring as well aside from topic about my family. (Sorry….have to post about Baby A because he is just the sweetest baby!)

Yet why my first post isn’t related to crafty things at all?? To be honest, my sewing machine has been sitting in a corner collecting dust. So here is something I whipped out a month ago (yep, the machine is that dusty). Thanks to tutorial from this link. It was made using a Japanese cotton fabric then quilted with scrap quilt batting. For sweet accent, I added a strip of white crocheted lace. Not bad for a first trial, right?


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